Circular To All Residents

On behalf of the Owners Corporation Committee, we write today to remind all Residents and Owners of the current registered rules and regulations.


We are writing to refrain from throwing any forms of rubbish including cigarette butts, empty bottles, corks etc off their balcony.  A number of complaints have been received about the growing incidents in assorted rubbish being dropped, thrown or fallen carelessly from balconies or windows.

Rule 6.1. a.6 States that

An Owner or Occupier must not and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that a Guest does not dispose of cigarette butts, ash or any other rubbish over a balcony.

If you are caught breaching Owners Corporation Rules, you or your guests will potentially receive a fine and any subsequent damage caused to property and or persons will leave you liable, police may be involved.


Please be mindful of your neighbours and do not create any noise or behave in a manner likely to disturb them.

As a guide, noise from your apartment should be kept to a minimum, especially after 11pm.


Oversized rubbish and or recycling must be placed in bins provided in Residents Refuse/Recycling Room, located in the ground floor bin room.

Signs stating Residents Refuse/Recycling Room will direct residents to the bin room on ground floor.  For those that are unfamiliar with the location of this room, it is located next to the Loading Bay in Coates Lane.

The Locked doors can be accessed with your apartment key.

We hereby request that you comply with the owners corporations registered rules

If the property is tenanted then the Owner is responsible for the acts of the tenant, the Owner must take all necessary steps to ensure that the resident obeys the rules of the Owners Corporation, the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and Owners Corporations Regulations 2007, action may also be taken against the owner of the Lot at VCAT.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank You for Your Cooperation.

Jules Surace

M: 0499 800 240

Building Manager 27 Little Collins Street.

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