Postal Deliveries

Circular to all Residents On behalf of the Owners Corporation, we write to you today. All postal deliveries must now be access through dialling your apartment number on the intercom in Coates Lane.If you are not home the delivery driver can leave the postal slip in the courier drop box attached to the glass sliding […]

Refuse Room Access

Dear Residents, RE: BIN CHUTES AND REFUSE ROOM ACCESS: Due to the high number of bin chute blockages caused by oversized rubbish and or recycling being forced into the chute, I have organised permanent extra bins located in the Ground floor bin room. Signs stating Residents Refuse/Recycling Room, will direct residents to the bin room. Clothes […]

Circular To All Residents

On behalf of the Owners Corporation Committee, we write today to remind all Residents and Owners of the current registered rules and regulations. BEHAVIOUR We are writing to refrain from throwing any forms of rubbish including cigarette butts, empty bottles, corks etc off their balcony.  A number of complaints have been received about the growing […]

Welcome to 27 Lt Collins

Hello, I would like to welcome you all to 27 Lt Collins Street.